RTL.de » DSDS 2013: The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz with Mateo are the new judges

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The TV sensation of the year: Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel and Mateo from Culcha Candela will sit together to Dieter Bohlen as new jurors of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel, the most successful band in Germany and Mateo, founder and leader of the group Culcha Candela, on the next season of “Deutschland suchd den Superstar” will sit together to the Pop-titan Dieter Bohlen in the jury. “Competent, controversial colorful and with a large musical spectrum: the new jury promises a great entertainment and now is one of many reasons why the DSDS is fulfilling the promise of innovation.”, said Tom Sänger, manager of RTL.

What nobody had in recet years, RTL succeeded. Bill and Tom Kaulitz back after almost two years away from Germany and the media. For DSDS, the twins interrupt their criative rest and work of the fourth studio album from Tokio Hotel, which currently runs at full speed. With Kaulitz twins, DSDS is committed to the real stars, because Bill and Tom, at only 23 years of age, have an unparalleled internatinal carreer: 59 platinun and 89 gold, over 90 awards, and Tokio Hotel have been in the media throughout the world since its discovery.

Internatinal awards, such as MTV March Madness (USA), US VH1 O Music Awards (USA), MTV Video Music Awards Japan, MTV Video Music Award USA, NRJ Music Awards (France), MTV Europe Music Awards, European Border Breakers Award and World Music Award (UK) among various national honors, as Echo, Bambi, Goldenen Kamera, Eins Live Krone, Goldenen Stimmgabel and countless Comets – just to mention a few. Tokio Hotel played over 300 shows around the world on their last European tour (Welcome To Humanoid City), the same tour in South America and promotional world tour that enden in Japan and soon withdrew.

What was the reason why this group of success agreed to be a judge of DSDS?
“Over recent years, we tried to be completely out of the public to go to the studio and specially take a break. This year, we will only ajdust to a request from the DSDS and we can do the other current works in progress in the studio.”, said Bill.
Tom: “So far we have refused any offers of this kind.”
Bill: “But we have always said that if we are jury members of somewhere, must be an original show and the greatest.”

Tom: “Then Steven Tyler gave us the final push, because last year he was a member of the jury in the American version of DSDS. We think it is fair that candidates rely on real artistsas members of the juryand thus stablish seriousness and another musical level!”


On Monday, the jury will have their first day of work in the proceedings of the auditions in Berlin. RTL irradiates the tenth season of the most successful audition show in Germany early next year. The tour truck for “DSDS” casting has been extended to October 02, the truck of DSDS will pass through Germany, including trips to Essen, Aachen and Kassel.


Source: RTL.de
Translation: Connection Tokio Hotel

RTL.de » DSDS 2013: Os gêmeos Bill e Tom Kaulitz junto com Mateo são os novos jurados


RTL.de » DSDS 2013: Os gêmeos Bill e Tom Kaulitz junto com Mateo são os novos jurados

24.09.2012 » Vídeos sobre os Bill e Tom Kaulitz no “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”


24.09.2012 » Vídeos sobre os Bill e Tom Kaulitz no “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”

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